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The Vision

The Challenge

The owners of this newly built home in Willoughby were after a contemporary landscape that is low maintenance and accommodates their family's lifestyle.

The steep front access limited our options for the space with the need for creating a tiered garden. And while working on new builds can give you an entirely blank canvas, this can mean the existing space lacks a dominant focal point to build your design around.

The Outcome

An elegant outdoor transformation that matches the style, function and energy of the new home. With a classic design and deliberate planting strategy, the owners will spend less time working on the garden and enjoy more time in it.

Project Gallery

IMG_0769 (1).jpg

Work Completed

Elegance from the ground up

This comprehensive landscaping project accompanies a newly completed residential home build. Both front and rear yard renovations have been executed with precision and style, perfectly blending structural functionality and modern styling to complement the new home’s architecture.

The transformation begins with the installation of robust retaining walls built from charcoal heron blocks. Giving the garden a well-defined structure and sleek, contemporary look that anchors the landscape.

Stairs and paving, crafted from exquisite marble, forge a path through the property that is both luxurious and inviting. Reflecting a commitment to quality and durability.

Garden edging creates clean lines that separate the varied plantings and contribute to the overall tidy appearance of the yards. These defined spaces allow for strategic plant selection to support year-round colour, texture, and privacy.

The complete installation of all hard landscape structures not only ensures a seamless transition from the home to the garden but also establishes a foundation for sustainable growth and easy maintenance. Making the landscape not only visually appealing but also practical for the owners.

Want to start your own landscape renovation?

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