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St Ives Poolside
+ Garden Upgrade

Tropical landscaped pool area with frangipanis and palm trees - summer landscaping ideas

The Vision

The Challenge

The client came to us wanting a multi-function pool and entertaining area that was usable all year round.

Incorporating the desired tropical meets palm springs character to the existing styling of the home and surrounds took some amount of design wizardry. Plant and materials selection played a significant role in achieving a seamless integration of the poolside and garden renovation.

The Outcome

A poolside oasis, outdoor entertaining area and serene garden retreat that gives the space multiple destinations. No matter the season.

Project Gallery

Tropical landscaped pool area with glass balustrading, outdoor lounge and seating, garden beds and stone paving
Backyard luxury pool area with tropical landscaped gardens and outdoor lounge and seating'
Luxury blue pool with hard and soft landscapes
Poolside seating area with professional tropical landscaping

Work Completed

This project successfully blends contemporary and classic design elements to create a stunning outdoor space. The central feature is a pool and entertaining area, complemented by French pattern travertine pavers, sandstone walls, and carefully curated softscapes. The pool has been updated with new tiling and modern filtration and heating components, while the previous fence and balcony rails have been replaced with minimalist glass balustrading.

Additionally, the project includes functional garden lighting, efficient irrigation systems, and a cozy recycled brick and deco granite garden retreat. Through careful attention to detail and quality craftsmanship, this renovated landscape achieves a seamless connection between the home's indoor and outdoor environments, providing a welcoming and serene atmosphere.

Want to start your own landscape renovation?

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