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The Vision

The Challenge

A family with multiple demands on the space. This landscape renovation needed to meet a range of functional requirements, no matter the season.

The abundance of native Australian trees throughout Sydney's North Shore area make it truly beautiful. But they do cast a large shadow and this had to be accounted for to ensure usability of the space throughout the whole year.

The Outcome

A synergistic blend of old and new, native and exotic, polished and raw. This Roseville landscape now accommodates a growing family and all their outdoor needs. From summer to spring.

Project Gallery


Work Completed

An outdoor space built for all seasons.

This Roseville poolside upgrade redefines backyard elegance. A celebration of refined taste and practical design. A new pool framed by gorgeous Travertine pavers is softened by a lush green canopy of natives and robust, eco-friendly flora.

The poolside lounge is the pinnacle of this landscape renovation and a nod to contemporary design. With floating timber seating offering equal parts style, comfort and durability, constructed with Newtech composite timber decking. The addition of a flagstone retaining wall and ambient lighting balances luxury with a warm, welcoming feel. Creating an inviting space for relaxation.

With the sun now beyond the horizon and the cool night air set in, large, paved steppers lead guests from the pool area to the fire pit. A rustic iron dish sits atop crushed granite, with flames dancing against the dark green backdrop. Laughter and warmth fill the air, as kids toast marshmallows and adults enjoy a few cheeky sundowners.

Beyond the immediate allure of water and fire, the garden itself is a canvas of biodiversity. Native Redback Ginger and Violet breathe life into the landscape, while exotic touches like the Philodendron Xanadu and Lilly Pilly add brushstrokes of the extraordinary. The garden's layout is a careful composition of texture and colour, from the architectural lines of Mat Rush to the vibrant cascades of Orange Trumpet Vine. Each plant choice enhances the garden's natural beauty while ensuring sustainability.


The lawn, bordered by corten steel, adds an open play space for children and pets. While the new timber fence offers privacy from neighbouring homes and ensures safety around the new pool.

Built in harmony with our pool contracting partners, this project is more than a renovation. It’s a statement of what modern landscape architecture in its simplest form - a balance of beauty, functionality, and sustainability.

Want to start your own landscape renovation?

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