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The Vision

The Challenge

The owners of this newly renovated Lindfield home were after a front yard that matched the property's upgraded modern façade. 

Sloped areas always present their own challenges around design, construction logistics, and drainage and ground fall. But then we were also trying to create something that was totally unique while still matching all of the functional requirements.

The Outcome

A first impression to this beautiful home that is classic yet contemporary. A contrast of colours and textures creates personality in this simple and elegant landscape renovation design.

Project Gallery


Work Completed

The art of first impressions - an elegant front yard renovation


Following a full renovation of this Lindfield residence, we've completely reimagined the front yard to match the home's modern elegance.

Our journey began with a meticulous excavation to set a blank canvas for new structures. We then installed these gorgeous, textured Heron Blocks for the retaining walls. ensuring durability while enhancing the visual appeal of the landscaped areas.

Simple stairways be gone. The front access path now boasts a sleek, burnished concrete finish, reflecting a contemporary look that is both sophisticated and functional. Perfectly complementing the design aesthetics of the renovated house.

Lush greenery now graces the front yard, thanks to the newly turfed areas. These spaces offer a vibrant contrast to the concrete and stone, creating a welcoming outdoor environment.

Each element of this project—from the hard landscape structures to the selection of turf—has been carefully chosen to ensure sustainability and beauty, providing the homeowners with a stunning, low-maintenance garden that thrives throughout the seasons.

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