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The Vision

The Challenge

The owner of this gorgeous, newly renovated Californian bungalow in the heart of Killara wanted to complete the ensemble with an outdoor space that was equal parts aesthetics and function.

A blank canvas is a blessing and a curse. With no existing structure to build around, we were starting from scratch. But this gave us the opportunity to shape all the elements to meet the client's needs to a tee.

The Outcome

An immaculate open area yard that offers privacy from neighbouring properties and an entrance that welcomes guest with open arms. 

Project Gallery

DSC00568- med.jpg

Work Completed

This newly renovated home now boasts a landscaped front and rear yard where luxury meets sustainability. From the charming recycled brick retaining wall and tranquil stone water feature to the lush planted garden beds accented by stone paving steppers.

A full garden and lawn irrigation system ensures effortless upkeep of the freshly laid turf and garden beds. Elevated hedges traverse the fence line to provide additional privacy from neighbouring properties. While the seated fire pit area offers an intimate gathering space for friends and family. Creating an ideal blend of form and function for our client to get the most out of their outdoor space.

Want to start your own landscape renovation?

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