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The Vision

The Challenge

The client came to us wishing to extend the outdoor living and entertaining space, but also inject a more sophisticated and contemporary style.

The location of this property leaves it exposed to weather extremes. Intense heat and sun exposure in the summer and plenty of shade and moisture in the winter. Our design and material had to accommodate this and offer a stylish and sustainable solution.

The Outcome

An invigorated outdoor space that plays the blend of natural, rugged elements against those more polished and refined. A new deck that can stand the test of time, an extended paved area and ambient lighting will all increase the usability of this rustic chic backyard.

Project Gallery

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Work Completed

A revitalised outdoor entertainment area that redefines contemporary living.

We've enhanced the space with a new and improved composite deck, hemmed by timber and wire balustrading, which ensures safety without sacrificing style. Cutting edge composite decking materials will provide longevity and sustainability to a high-traffic, high-use area.

The sophistication of French pattern porcelain tiles contrasts beautifully with the rugged elegance of the recycled brickwork, to strike a natural balance between refined and rustic. With both delivering on their promise of low maintenance without compromising on aesthetics.

A series of well-executed accent features add character and depth to this outdoor space. Strategic garden and atmospheric lighting now cast a soft glow that extends warm evenings spent outside. A 'Forest Pansy' has found a new home in the heart of our revamped hardscape, offering a vivid splash of colour among the gentle neutral tones. The tranquil urn water feature, sitting atop a freshly rendered and painted retaining wall, introduces an additional focal point along with the soothing sounds of running water. Finally, a wrap-around feature wall made from recycled flagging further supports the juxtaposition of rugged chic in this timeless backyard renovation.

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