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The Vision

The Challenge

Breathe new life into this narrow backyard garden with a focus on improved functionality and a revitalised at-home resort aesthetic.

The staggered level yard and local topography created some challenges around preventing water from pooling in some areas. But nothing that our drainage expert couldn't handle.

The Outcome

An inspired outdoor space that will see its fair share of use throughout the seasons, for many years to come. 

Project Gallery


Work Completed

Refined Outdoor Living in a Smaller Space


This Gladesville landscape renovation is a seamless blend of form and function. The integration of precision hardscapes with soft greenery reveals a space where every detail works in concert. Creating an environment tailored for entertaining and relaxation.

The BBQ and entertainment area stands as the focal point of this project. Hardwood seating, crazy pattern stone flagging and format limestone pavers lend a sense of grandeur and flow. While the neutral tones and varied textures complement the vibrant greenery, providing a timeless backdrop to long lunches and dinner parties under the stars.

Spotted gum timber screens provide additional privacy while harmonising with the natural surroundings. Their linear form contrasts with the organic spread of the lush garden, offering a contemporary edge to both the pool area and side garden.

Flora is not merely an accent here; it is integral to the entire design approach. Freshly laid turf, paired with a curated selection of native and tropical plants, provides a verdant retreat that adds depth to the design and requires minimal upkeep.

Every aspect of this project reflects a considered approach that marries practicality with visual appeal. This is a space designed not just to be seen, but to be lived in and enjoyed throughout the year.

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